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Web Design, Search Engine Optimization & Content Creation

 I  use my search engine optimization and web design skills to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their brand, web site traffic, and bank accounts. As someone who is passionate about social media, SEO, and web design, my goal is to help you become successful with your online marketing strategy. I  work with a variety of clients as a coach, contractor, or partner. And I want to work with you!

Web Design

This is where it all starts! Without claiming your digital footprint, you are limiting the growth you can have online. This is true even if your main platform is Instagram or Facebook. You need a home!

Search Optimization

If you have a website, I am sure you know the difficulty in actually getting people there. I can craft a search strategy to make sure your are found when people look for you.

Website Content

Looking to grow to have a professional blog or well thought out website? My content creation services will make sure you look well put together and knowledgeable.

About Coastal Marketing Strategies

Stop Wasting Your Money
On Firms That Don’t Get Results!

Coastal Marketing Strategies is a South Carolina based firm that specializes in WordPress Websites, Content Creation , Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Management. There are simply to many companies who claim to be experts at Search Engine Optimization or WordPress Design. The landscape is full of people who can do basic SEO; add a few keywords, change some tags, stuff in your city name. That is not really SEO. Any college intern with a laptop can do that!

We are professionals who live, breath, sleep, and love SEO, WordPress, and crafting amazing content. Together, we will design a successful SEO strategy and work in partnership to generate more sales, leads, and profits. Every company is different, each website unique, and no two techniques work the same.

About Tech Writer EDC

Honest Advice & Opinions

You may wonder how my @tech_writer Instagram came to be. Well, it was originally started to test out some ideas and get down and dirty about the ever changing Instagram algorithm. I needed another account to see if it was a viable option for local business to invest their time and money into. Along the way, the account has evolved from a test, to a hobby, to something I take serious now, Everdaycarry Gear. If your into watches, pocketknives, and the outdoors, I think you will find it interesting.

I also write about and review EDC Gear. My reviews are made from real world experiences and hands-on testing of the gear. Above all, my opinions and those of the other writers, are made independently, without any outside influence or paid promotions from the manufacturers, etc.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

About Lowcountry Style & Living

Food, Fun, Travel and More!

I launched Lowcountry Style & Living with my wife Jennifer in 2019. We use it as a creative outlet and also a real world case study. One of the benefits of working with me is I have actual, first hand experience in building and marketing websites and I am not just some “online guru” giving outdated advice. Through our sites, we are able to test digital theories, prove & disprove algorithm changes and most of all, offer honest advice about travel, food and decor.  Our articles range from the best pizza on Hilton Head to How To Pick Hardwood Flooring.

Lowcountry Style & Living is a collection of in-depth articles that we are proud to showcase. It has also once again proved that if you want to rank a website, it takes work, original content and skill. Besides all the analytics, it’s just a fun website to run and promote. With amazing articles about golf and places to visit, to a whole slew of places to visit, it is a place of great inspiration!

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