Five Things Wrong With Your Roofing Website

Is You Roofing Website generating Leads For Your Company? If Not, Here Are Some Reasons!

Far too many roofing professionals make the mistake of assuming that their website really only has to do one thing: exist. Once that site goes live, they don’t really have to think about it any longer and they can get back to focusing on their next big project. Right?


In reality, your roofing website needs to accomplish many things – most of which are impossible if it currently makes any of the five things that I commonly see wrong with roofing websites whenever I take on a new client.

They Don’t Have a Portfolio Highlighting Their Work

By far, one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make with their roofing website ultimately involves the lack of some type of gallery – or at least a collection of photos – of their past work.

Unless your roofing company is brand new, the chances are high that you have a wide range of different past projects under your belt that you’re exceptionally proud of. Projects where you were able to exceed even the client’s wildest expectations and that still look great to this day. It would be an absolute shame not to showcase that effort on your site, creating another point of social proof for your potential new customers.

If roofing websites do have this type of gallery, it’s frequently old and outdated – which means it may as well not actually exist at all.

A portfolio that highlights individual jobs not only helps convince new prospects that yours is the right company for their particular job, but it also lets you build locally optimized SEO pages as well.

They’re Not Creating Content

These days, content is king – consumers want as much of it as possible before they make any type of decision about who to go with. This leads back to another one of the major problems I often see with roofing websites: they’re not blogging or creating compelling, relevant content of any kind.

At a bare minimum, your website needs to answer potential customers’ questions before they have a chance to ask them. It needs to provide them with information about why hiring a roofing company like yours is so important. Not only is this again a great way to create a compelling argument for someone to invest in your services, but it also provides a tremendous boost to your SEO efforts as well.

They’re Not Highlighting Those Reviews

Speaking of social proof, another critical error that I see a lot of roofing websites make involves not linking out to reviews left elsewhere on the Internet from satisfied past clients. Keep in mind that people aren’t going to just “take your word for it” that yours is the roofing company they should choose. They want to hear directly from people who have enlisted your services before and reviews are a way for you to control that narrative, all while making it easier than ever for people to find the information that they’re looking for.

Yes, you can post those reviews on your website – but it’s even better to show potential clients real world examples by linking out to sites like Yelp or even Google.

They Don’t Illustrate Their Services

Nobody knows better than you do that roofing services are more complicated than they appear on the surface. Why, then, would you not have a fully built out services page on your website showing exactly why that is the case?

For the best results, you need a page on your roofing website that highlights ALL of your services. It should be a list with your top services and a detailed description of each one.

Not only that, but you should also build out individual service pages to dive into even more detail to help people make the best possible decision with their hard-earned money.

Don’t forget that you can’t rank for a specific service without its own page, which is another part of the reason why this step in particular is very important. Your services page can link directly to these individual pages, thus giving you even more opportunities to rank across the board.

They’re Not Enabling Faster and Better Communication With Customers

Finally, keep in mind that a big part of marketing these days involves your ability to go beyond “selling” and open up a true line of communication wit

h your prospects. People have questions and concerns and they want these things addressed before they decide to do business with you. It’s up to you to enable tha

t and if you’re not offering fast ways to communicate with your customers directly on your website, you’re potentially leaving an incredible amount of money on the table as a result.

You absolutely need to embrace not only chat functionality, but also techniques like Facebook Messenger and other immediate te

xting features. Obviously, your phone number should be on your website as well so that people can get in touch with you when they need.

If your website is guilty of some or even all of these mistakes, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But by simply taking these steps, you’ll do more than just create a compelling and helpful website to better serve your target audience. You’ll have given yourself a major leg up over your competitors and will begin generating an enormous amount of new business at the exact same time.

If you’d like to find out more information about the five things that are probably wrong with your website, or if you have any additional questions you’d like to go over with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact us today.

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